Fancy Toilet Tissue Holder in 2019

Fancy Toilet Tissue Holder in 2019

Everybody use the toilets everyday. There’s not a single person in this world that never used a toilet unless he’s staying in the jungle. Well even jungle have toilets nowadays. Researches shown that we spend almost an hour a day just in our toilets. So to make it interesting, how about we add some fancy toilet tissue holder. Just for fun and make your life interesting. Forget that dull boring normal toilet tissue holder. We have better options.

Antler Toilet Paper Holder

Perfect for the rustic bathroom, this resin Antler Toilet Paper Holder from our antler decor collection makes a bold statement. Measures 9-inch W x 5-inch D x 8 1/2-inch H.

Wild West Toilet Paper Holder

You’ll be a quick draw with this six shooter roll holder hanging on the wall. Yer no yellow-bellied feller with these pistols by your side in your time of need. What a fun addition to any Western themed bath! This 9.5 inch high, 7.25 inch long, 4 inch wide cast resin roll holder features a metallic silver and brown leather colored finish with wood grain and tooled details that give it a realistic appearance. A fully loaded gun belt is fixed in between a pair of pistols, and it includes a plastic holder!

Wild West Toilet paper holder

Pistol Toilet Paper Holder

This Toilet tissue holder has beautiful details!. Its made with hard durable poly-resin material! They also have built-in hangers for easy mounting!

Fancy Pistol Toilet Paper Holder

Deer Toilet Paper Holder

This one fits in perfectly with any lodge, cabin, or rustic decor theme. It ‘s poly resin construction is sure to last for years. Also it is a humorous to any bath or man cave to have this most unique toilet paper holders that we’ve seen

Fancy Cute Deer Toilet Tissue Holder

Octopus Toilet Tissue Holder

Fancy Octopus Toilet Tissue Holder
This Steel Octopus can make your bathroom interesting

Bear Paws Toilet Tissue Holder

Fancy Bear Paws Toilet Tissue Holder

Made of poly stone with wood rod. This bear paws looks cool

Gargoyle Toilet Tissue Holder

Fancy Gargoyle Toilet Tissue Holder
Gothic Gargoyle Fancy Toilet Tissue Holder

Anchor Toilet Paper Holder

Anchor Fancy Toilet Tissue Holder
Anchor Toilet paper holder

Elephant Toilet Tissue Holder

Fancy Elephant Tissue Paper Holder
Elephant Toilet Tissue Holder

Mermaid Toilet Paper Holder

Fancy Mermaid Toilet Paper Holder

Bear Toilet Paper Holder

Fancy Bear Toilet Paper Holder
Hugo Bear Fancy Toilet Tissue Holder

Red Indian Chief Native American Toilet Paper Holder 

Red Indian Fancy Toilet Tissue Holder

Skeleton Toilet Tissue Holder

Skeleton Fancy Toilet Tissue Holder

Medieval Knight Toilet Tissue Holder

Medieval Knight Fancy Toilet Tissue Holder

Medieval Knight Toilet Tissue Holder

Rooster Shaped Toilet Paper Holder

Rooster Shaped Fancy Toilet Paper Holder
Rooster Fancy Toilet Paper Holder

Featuring The Dragons Toilet Tissue Holder

This medieval winged dragon will guard your bathroom bounty with Gothic flair! Expertly cast in resin in amazing detail with an awesome cast iron finish, this scaly tissue tyrant comes to aid in your time of need! It easily mounts to the wall using the included hardware, and accommodates a single roll of tissue

It`s a fantastical addition to your private castle befitting of any throne! This unique 9 inch (23 cm) high, 9 inch (23 cm) wide, 5.5 inch (14 cm) deep sculptural commode dragon toilet tissue holder makes a gift any dragon lover would be proud to display!

Dragon Fancy Toilet Tissue Holder
Dragon Fancy Toilet Tissue Holder
Dragon Fancy Toilet Tissue Holder

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