Bestselling USB Wall Sockets in 2019

Bestselling USB Wall Sockets in 2019

Bestselling USB Wall Sockets is a normal wall mounted socket in our home with additional built-in USB ports. Some have dual USB ports with each socket outlet and some have a single port. Of course with the booming use of gadgets and smartphones, it become a need to us to have these sockets. Its easy, safe and handy. No more OEM chargers or money to buy more expensive so-called ‘high-speed’ chargers.

With the ever-increasing number of phones and tablets in our home nowadays we have the option of changing some of the electrical outlets to ones with USB-A ports. But then again is it safe ? It came to our knowledge that some of these products are not verified thus not safe to use. In light of some of the news stories we read are about batteries exploding from using incorrect charging adapters.

how to install a USB outlet

We ask ourselves whether it is safe to use these bestselling USB wall sockets. Do most receptacle wall outlet chargers play nice with phones and tablets? What specifications should one be aware of when looking at the OEM charger as compared to one incorporated into a wall outlet? Can we safely use them? Is there any regulations involve? What are the risks when we change the normal socket to a USB wall socket? Does my phone is compatible with the outlet?

Is it SAFE? Yes it is ….

The concept behind these bestselling USB wall sockets is that you plug your manufacturer’s cable into the USB outlet. You still use the Apple or Android cable for your phone. There is no problem plugging in an Apple cable to a non-Apple power source. For example, a person who uses an iPhone with a PC will routinely plug the Apple cable into the PC. This is no different from using the USB outlet in a wall socket. The same goes with non Apple products.

Most of the products are compatible with USB 2.0 & 3.0 devices and also the receptacles are tamper-resistant to meet NEC requirements. You do not have to worry about your child playing with it or prevent unwanted objects from being inserted into the outlets. Thus complies with 2011 NEC Article 406.14.

It saves money. Yes I mean real money. A small tiny investment so that you can no longer need to buy additional chargers. And it is proven that these items can save your bills as well. These bestselling USB wall sockets
charges at the optimal power allowed by the device, so your devices are protected from overcharging and overheating.

Bestselling USB wall sockets
External Outlets with USB ports

Are you seriously still want to use those bulky lengthy USB hub with 4-6 USB ports? And still have to find another cable to charge your phone and gadgets at the same time? Charging multiple gadgets using a single outlet or a power source is just not a good thing to do. These are the things that can burn your phone or cause a circuit break.

And that is why we highly recommend using High Speed USB Wall Socket by TOPGREENER or Smart USB Wall Socket by OviiTech. Both of these product are perfectly safe, durable, easy to install and comes at a valuable price. You can install it next to your bed, in the kitchen or even at your porch.

High Speed USB Wall Socket by TOPGREENER

Smart USB Wall Socket by OviiTech.

High Speed USB Wall Socket

How to Install or upgrade to USB wall socket? Watch these videos for more…

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